Monthly Classes and Events

Nurture Your Love for Gardening

When it comes to sustainable planting techniques, The Tree House is among the most trusted names in the industry. Since we opened our business in 2014, we have held a number of workshops and social gatherings for plant enthusiasts in Coldwater, MI, and surrounding areas.

Let your gardening knowledge grow and thrive. Take part in our monthly classes and events! No matter the level of your planting skills, you are more than welcome to join us.

Please call to set an appointment.

Past Classes and Events:

Shit Talk
Hosted by guano expert Dylan Seger

Fourth Annual
Customer Appreciation Week



Pest Control

Cloning One O One
with Courtney & Amanda




LED Class



Shit Talk
Hosted by guano expert Dylan Seger

RX Green Solutions
with host Shara Ross

A Gardener's Narrative
Hosted by FoxFarm

The Illumination Translation
Hosted by Nanolux Technologies

pH Matters
with an expert host from Bluelab

Essential Elements of Plant Growth
Hosted by Harley Smith

Cyco Gardeners
Hosted by Cyco Nutrients

Why Are My Leaves Turning Yellow?
Hosted by Harley Smith

Formula for Optimum Plant Nutrition
Hosted by Advanced Nutrients

Call us at 517-278-2420 to sign up for our classes. You may also get in touch with us to get additional details about our enrollment procedure. We look forward to hearing from you soon!