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Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) Certifications


34 E. Chicago St.

Coldwater, MI 49036

(517) 278 - 2420

(517) 462-8818

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Contact us at (517) 278-2420 to schedule an appointment.
If you prefer texting you can text us at (517) 462-8818

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April 13th
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One Saturday a month, from 9am to 2pm, our doctor holds appointments for certifications through the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP).

This program is available to Michigan residents only and requires a valid photo ID as well as medical documentation of the qualifying condition. 

You can visit the MMMP frequently asked questions (FAQs) site for more information about the regulations and requirements.


Doctor Fee

Our physician's fee for the appointment, certification process and review of qualifying condition.

If you choose not to utilize our express service, this is the in-office cost of your appointment. 


Total Certification Cost

Dependent on use of express service.

-If you mail yourself, all you owe at the appointment is $150.

-If you use express service, we collect the state fee as well. ($150+40+15)

Self mail: $150 in-office

Express service: $205


State Fee

MRA (Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Affairs) application processing fees.  

This fee is required by the state to process the application, print the card, and mail it directly to your address.


Follow-Up- After 1 Year

MMMP requires a "bonafide physician-patient relationship" to "monitor the efficacy of the use of medical marihuana as a treatment". This is accomplished through a follow-up appointment costing $60.


Express Service

We type the application, obtain the fees for the state, provide copies to you and caregiver if applicable, and mail everything to the state.  In the event of denial, this service covers correcting and resubmitting application as well.


Re-Certification- In 2 Years

Two (2) years following your certification, you will need to re-certify with your doctor.  The fees for this appointment are identical to original cost.  (A follow-up between renewals is required for recertification.)


have questions or wish to make an appointment?

Give us a Call! We're always happy to help!

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